Jean Landis WASP Pilot

Jean Landis WASP Pilot

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 Jean Landis was one of 134 WASP Pursuit Ferry Pilots

Books are softcover and autographed by author Sarah Byrn Rickman.

Jean Landis also has the distinction – though not “an Original WAFS” – of having flown PURSUIT!!! Yep, she was one of the 134 WASP who graduated from Pursuit School and went on to ferry the U.S.’s finest fighter aircraft across the skies of wartime America. These women did NOT fly abroad, as some misinformed individuals have claimed. Usually guys who thought they saw women ferry pilots in the Pacific or in England. Not so. Every WASP will tell you that. The guys must have been dreaming. Wishful thinking.

Stationed with the Ferry Command at Long Beach, Jean was one of the lucky ones. She flew P-51s – manufactured at North American Aviation in Inglewood – from Long Beach to Newark daily! These gals’ trips could be as short as three days – 2½ days east if the weather was perfect and a day to get home via American Airlines out of La Guardia. Or it could take more than a week if the weather was foul – which, Jean will tell you it frequently was.